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    Juneau is the states capitol and third largest city.  It is located along the inside passage that has mountain rise three thousand feet above the city.  The terrain is steep and provides for many spectacular views.

* Photographer's Favorite *

    Skagway is a typical small Alaskan town.  This town was created during the Klondike Gold Rush.  One of the biggest tourist attractions is taking a ride on the White Pass Railroad.  There is also many hiking options in the area.

    College Fjord is located southeast of Whittier, Alaska and is an extremely dense assortment of glaciers ending at sea level.  It rivals anything that one can see in Glacier Bay.  It truly is an amazing sight.


    Alaska offers so much in the form of landscapes, it is difficult to pick which is the most impressive.  The overwhelming size of Alaska gives the traveler nearly an endless amount of options and sights along the way.

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