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* Photographer's Favorite *

    Sunsets are my favorite subject to photograph in Grand Teton.  You can find a great sunset almost any evening.  My favorite place to view a sunset is on Signal Mountain.  Signal Mountains gives you a slightly elevated perspective on the range.

Rivers and Lakes
* Photographer's Favorite *

    There is a plethora of rivers and lakes to photograph and see in the park.  Jackson Lake is the easiest lake to view and access being that it is a short hike or drive from wherever you are staying in the park.  My favorite lakes and rivers to photograph are along the Surprise Lake and Cascade Canyon trails.  The Cascade Canyon trail is an easy hike while the Surprise Lake hike is much more difficult with an elevation gain of nearly 3000'.


    There are a variety of landscapes once you get onto the Teton range.  The most frequently photographed landscape in Grand Teton is the entire range from a far.  Some of the hikes that take you deep into the canyons of the Teton range show more of the landscape than can be seen from the shores of Jackson Lake.

    Sunrises in Grand Teton typically have the tops of the Teton range an orange color.  These types of photographs show a nice color spectrum on the range.


    When i traveled to Grand Teton there were not many wildflowers left as it was late in the summer.  There were still some flowers around Oxbow Bend.


    There are several small waterfalls in the park.  Probably the largest waterfall that is relatively easy to access would be Hidden Falls in Cascade Canyon. 

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