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The Lake
* Photographer's Favorite *

    The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe, nested in the mountains make for an easy photographic subject.  My favorite place to photograph is Emerald Bay.

* Photographer's Favorite *

    Icicles are an interesting subject matter when light refracts through the ice.  Some of the icicles that I found were rather large.


    Their are many great scenic areas around the lake and over the passes within the Lake Tahoe Basin. 

    Photographs of snowfall are difficult in the sense that there is limited light.  Snowfall shots require a degree of skill.  It is always nice to have large flakes free falling in the foreground, but you do not want this to take away from your subject matter.


    Sunsets at Lake Tahoe are nice because often you will get a reflection off the water.  They can be rewarding, but at times enduring due to the brisk weather.


    There are a few waterfalls in the Lake Tahoe vicinity.  The waterfall that i captured can be found at Emerald Bay.

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