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Eastern Sierras

    When people think about the Sierra Nevada mountains, they picture Yosemite National Park or other popular spots such as Lake Tahoe.  There are many other hidden gems in this amazing mountain range.  The eastern sierras has some of the most steep terrain in the continental United States.  Here you can find many scenic spots.  One of the unique things about the eastern sierras are the Aspens during the fall.

San Francisco Bay Area

    In a metropolitan area such as the San Francisco Bay Area, one might assume that little scenery exists free of urban sprawl.  This, however, is untrue.  There are many state parks in the East Bay hills and the Santa Cruz mountains, within only a few hours drive of the city.

Lake Tahoe and Vacinity

    Lake Tahoe has been one of my favorite places of travel for many years.  There are numerous scenic areas, both in the immediately vicinity and in the surrounding areas, that compliment the renowned ski resorts.  During all seasons, especially the winter, Tahoe is an inspiring place to take photographs.

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