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National Parks

    Some of the greatest scenery can be found in the National Parks.  It is fortunate that these areas have been preserved.  There are over 100 National Parks and Monuments, ranging from the mountainous west to the plains of the midwest and the coastline of the east.  In this section there are photographs from my visits.


    California has so much to offer in terms of scenery and climates.  There are several hundred miles of coastline.  The Sierra Nevadas stretch several hundred miles along the east side of the state.  The southeastern portion of the state is dessert while much of the central portion is a mediterranian climate.  This truly is a photographers paradise.


    Alaska is the largest state in the union, and is one of the last frontiers.  Alaska is also the only state that can be found in the Arctic Circle.  Much of Alaska is Tiaga, and covered with thin boreal forests.  I have traveled to Alaska twice and plan on returning many more times.  It is hard to photograph in Alaska because of the constant threat of cloud cover and precipitation.

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