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* Photographer's Favorite *

    Mammals are probably the most simple to spot due to their size.  This does not necessarily make them an easy subject in photography.  To get an amazing shot you have to have a combination of good light and a good backdrop.  The best pictures for mammals are the relatively close subjects but not so close that you do not see their habitat.

* Photographer's Favorite *

    Birds are an interesting subject.  Birding takes a lot of patience and can prove to be a disappointment at times.  The bird in flight is my favorite shot.  The larger the bird the easier this type of picture is to capture.  Small birds tend to fly more erratically which makes it more difficult.  Perched subjects can also lead to some great shots as well.


    Reptiles are usually found in rocky areas and under objects.  They can be hard to locate and even more difficult to take photos of.  They typically move quickly unless they are found in cold weather.

    Unlike other wildlife, arthropods are difficult to find due to their size; however, once you find one, they are easy to photograph since most of them do not move very quickly.  They are found under objects most of the time where there is no direct sunlight.

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