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The images found on my web site can be purchased.  The images displayed here are not the originals; they have been re-sized for the web.   There are several factors that determine the cost of a print.

Pricing Guidelines:
1What camera is the picture from?  I have some photos from National Parks when I used my old camera.  These areas are marked prior to viewing the gallery.  You can also find out what camera was used by clicking on full exif data found below each full size image.  My old camera will show "C990Z,D490Z", while my new camera would show "Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT."
2What size print are you looking for?  You can purchase the original JPG file or you can purchase a print.  The larger the print the higher the cost.
3What are you using the image for?  This mainly pertains to JPG purchases.  You can use all original JPG's for your own personal use.  You may not use my images for anything other than personal use without written consent.  You may not sell my images at any time.  Images may be used in publications; however, I must receive credit and the cost will be negotiated.
4What is the quality of the image?  The sharpness of an image is the main factor in quality.

In some cases the images have been cropped considerably.  If an image has been cropped and you would like to purchase the image, I can supply the original prior to cropping or a smaller print.

Ordering Instructions:
All order should be emailed to me at .  The subject line should include either the word "order" or "orders."  Please let me know what image you would like to purchase by giving me the section the image is located (i.e. Grand Teton National Park), image number (file name), and what you would like to purchase (JPG, print, framed print).

Pricing Examples:

Below you will find some typical costs for print orders.  Please note that prices are not restricted to these figures.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT
JPG File Only
$40 - $50 USD
14'x11' Fine Print $20 - $30 USD
18'x12' Fine Print $30 - $40 USD
Framed 14'x11' Fine Print $50 - $75 USD
Framed 18'x12' Fine Print $75 - $100 USD
JPG File Only $5 - $15 USD

*These Prices do not include shipping costs.

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